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Astaval zanimljivosti Astaxanthin – skin protection and beauty from within and without!

An increasing number of studies show that skin health and beauty depend on a combination of topical skincare on the one hand and nourishment, which effects the inner layers of the skin, on the other. The action is twofold and it is carried out by means of topical application of substances from the outside and dietary supplements absorbed from the inside. This refers primarily to substances with powerful antioxidative and antiperoxidative action (lipid protection).

Valentina Gambiroža, BSc
Menoval zanimljivosti Beer – the drink for women in menopause?

Even though it is somewhat unusual – especially to the male sex – to consider beer as a means to alleviate menopausal changes, reliable scientific research confirms this belief.

Valentina Gambiroža, BS, nutritionist
Venoval gel A healthy heart and blood vessels – omega 3 and red rice

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death both in Croatia and in the world. Irregular and inadequate diet and unhealthy lifestyle (lack of physical activity, smoking, stress etc.) are major contributing factors to the development of cardiovascular diseases, primarily because they cause heightening of blood cholesterol levels.

Valentina Gambiroža, BS, nutritionist
Venoval gel For a quick step!

Today, nearly a third of mankind suffers from vein problems. This is primarily due to man's upright posture, to which, in evolutionary terms, the venous system has not yet fully adapted. This means that upright posture increases the amount of blood circulating in the legs. In healthy human bodies the blood returns from the bottom up and from the superficial to the deeper veins, i.e. in the direction opposing the force of gravity. Blood rich in carbon dioxide travels, through the veins, from the cells to the heart and then farther into the lungs, where it is enriched with oxygen. This is ??possible thanks to the venous valves located in the lumen of the main vein. Their task is to direct blood toward the heart and prevent its return downwards, towards the feet. This action is supported by muscles, especially calf muscles, whose tone and contraction compress the veins, thus stimulating blood circulation towards the heart.

Ivana Ugarković, MS, nutritionist
Traditional plants in the fight against rheumatism

Reumoval Balm is a special-use cosmetic product composed of as many as 10 plant species, i.e. their active ingredients. Their individual as well as synergistic action helps to immediately eliminate pain and discomfort caused by the normal aging process, to alleviate muscle and bone pain, to reduce swelling and burning sensation and to treat a variety of rheumatic diseases.

Valentina Gambiroža, BS, nutritionist

It seems that our immune system is losing the struggle against contemporary challenges such as viruses, bacteria, environmental pollution, stress, more frequent use of drugs, improper and inadequate diet, poor physical activity, etc. These and many other factors continue to weaken the effectiveness of our immune response, which is facing an ever increasing challenge. The only effective defense against such attacks is a strong and functioning immune system.

Valentina Gambiroža, BS, nutritionist
New generation of glucosamines!

The body and the joints allow us to enjoy movement, which is inextricable from every aspect of our lives. Age, wear and tear, excessive loads, injury or illness are just some of the causes of reduced flexibility and increased feeling of discomfort and pain in the joints, limiting the ability to move.

Valentina Gambiroža, BS, nutritionist
Imunološki sustav i HPV Immune system and HPV
Infection with human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. The symptoms of this viral disease are usually not clearly expressed, and infected persons are often unaware of their condition. It is considered that 60% of women in their reproductive age get infected with one or more of over one hundred known types of HPV. HPV infections cannot be treated the same as the infections caused by other viruses. However, significant results in the treatment and prevention of HPV infection were observed by using various methods of strengthening the immune system and response. In the past 30 years, the incidence of HPV infections has increased significantly and HPV has been recognized as a key factor in the development of cervical cancer.
Valentina Gambiroža, BS, nutritionist
It has been known for a long time that essential fatty acids deficiency may be responsible for a variety of skin problems. Psoriasis, eczemas, neurodermatitis, problems with pigmentation, age-related skin changes, burns, wounds, acne and allergies appearing on the skin are but a few conditions that may be related or become more severe due to the deficiency in essential fatty acids in the body.
Valentina Gambiroža, BS, nutritionist
The premenstrual syndrome (PMS) as a periodic cyclical disorder affects over 90% women at least once in their lifetime. For a long time PMS was regarded as a “mental problem”, but today this syndrome is clearly found to be related to hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle.
Valentina Gambiroža, BS, nutritionist
Gastroval - nature against digestive problems!

Unhealthy diet and lifestyle, stress and other factors are all common causes of various digestive disorders affecting men and women of all ages. Incomplete digestion of food (oily or greasy food in particular) is manifested by a feeling of fullness or discomfort in the abdomen, accompanied by pain or cramps, heartburn, nausea, or large amounts of air in the intestines. These ailments have historically been treated with a variety of herbal preparations or products. Recent studies on individual plants have favorably addressed their effectiveness in reducing and eliminating common digestive problems.

Valentina Gambiroža, BS, nutritionist