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Omega 3 forte

Why are Eskimos healthy?
Even though their nutrition consists of 90% fat, the Eskimos rarely suffer from cardiovascular diseases that „smite“ populations of Europe and America. The Eskimo diet is rich in cold-water fish and abounds with omega 3, which reduces cardiovascular diseases and blood cholesterol. Omega 3 is a real treasure. Aside from protecting the most important muscle in the body – the heart – it has been proven beneficial in connection with inflammatory changes and cell defense, wound healing, and post-operative recovery.

Our mothers were right…

Do you remember the unpleasant smell of fish oil? It marks most people's childhood. Our mothers used to chase us saying that, if we wanted to be big, strong, healthy and smart, we had to take fish oil. And they were right. In 1985, scientists were able to prove that omega 3 had a particularly beneficial effect on the development of brain structure in children.

…now what?

You do not have to go to Greenland to get cold-water fish, because Aktival’s Omega 3 Forte comes from the deep cold seas – 100% pure and without the unpleasant odor.
Omega 3 Forte contains 1000 mg of standardized and purified fish oil concentrate with a minimum of 300 mg omega 3 (EPA and DHA) polyunsaturated fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are a key substance in cell membrane structure, but they need to be ingested since the body does not produce them itself.

Action: Omega 3 fatty acids lower the total blood fat, triglyceride and cholesterol levels, preventing the formation of fatty plaque along the walls of blood vessels. They mildly lower heightened blood pressure.

Recommended for:
- protection against atherosclerosis
- cardiovascular diseases
- high blood fat levels
- prevention of cardiac arrhythmia
- persons exposed to high-stress conditions (managers)

Each capsule contains:  Fish Oil Omega 3 (18% EPA, 12% DHA) 1000 mg

Recommended daily intake: 1 – 2 capsules per day.

Package: bottle containing 100 capsules

Approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia:
Classification: UP/I 541-02/06-01/80
Reg. No.: 534-08-01/8-06-2
Date of approval: 09 May 2006

Barcode: 3859891334216