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Ginkgo 80

The right product for the right circulation!
Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) is one of the most ancient plants on earth. This “living fossil” is traditionally used in Chinese medicine as treatment for peripheral and cerebral circulation disorders. Scientific studies prove that ginkgo, being an outstanding antioxidant, improves circulation by stimulating peripheral blood flow and microcapillary circulation.

Considering that the ginkgo extract composition is crucial for its efficiency, a regular composition assay of GINKGO 80 (min. 24% of ginkgoflavonoglycosides and min. 6% of terpene lactones) is conducted by certified laboratories. Aktival guarantees a reliable extract composition and high product quality, ensuring a safe and efficient application.


Ginkgo 80 improves blood perfusion and circulation and enhances cell oxygen and nutrient supply. It increases elasticity and regulates blood vessel and capillary tone, as well as preventing trombocyte aggregation and blood clot formation. It is also a very powerful antioxidant.

Recommended for:

  • circulation disorders (atherosclerosis)
  • tinnitus
  • states of fear, depression or dementia
  • chills and tingling sensation in arms and legs
  • asthma
  • hemorrhoids 

Standardized extract of Ginkgo biloba leaf (24% ginkgoflavonoglycosides, 6% terpenes) 80.0 mg.

One capsule per day after meal. After two months of regular intake it is necessary to take a one-month break.

Warning: Do not use this product if you are taking anticoagulant medication or if you have any kind of blood coagulation disorder. The product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and not intended for persons under 18 years of age. It is necessary to inform your doctor about using this product before undergoing a surgical procedure.

Caution: Keep out of reach of small children. The recommended daily dosage is not to be exceeded. Nutritional supplements are not an alternative to a healthy and balanced diet.

Package: Bottle containing 30 and 60 capsules

Recommended daily intake:
One capsule per day after meal. After two months of regular intake it is necessary to take a one-month break.

identification number: MZ 0812640609

Bottle containing 30 capsules, Barcode: 3859891334438
Bottle containing 60 capsules, Barcode: 3859891334414