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Lecithin Forte

Why is lecithin important for good memory?
Lecithin is a key substance of cell membranes. Lecithin-deficiency weakens the membrane, especially in the central nervous system. That is why it is administered as treatment for diminished concentration and memory skills, as well as having a wide range of functions in protecting other cells in our body. For example, it is important for students during periods of intense studying, for athletes during intense physical strain and for joint protection, and for persons who wish to reverse the aging process, retain good memory, attractive appearance and healthy-looking skin.

Lecithin Forte is a natural substance with outstanding qualities. It consists of choline and inositol in the form of phosphatidilcholine. Choline plays a vital role in the building of biological membrane structure and it frequently bonds with vitamins. According to their function, choline and inositol are considered catalysts which facilitate fat degradation.
Action: Lecithin improves concentration and boosts memory and has a soothing effect on the nervous system. Furthermore, it reduces cholesterol levels, prevents fats from accumulating on the walls of arteries, and stimulates the heart muscle. Another important effect of lecithin is a significant reduction or even complete elimination of joint pain. While it is highly beneficial for persons sensitive to weather changes, it is necessary for athletes, whose efficiency is often impaired due to discomfort and pain in the joints.

Recommended for:
- weakened central nervous system
- diminished concentration and impaired memory
- high blood cholesterol
- atherosclerosis
- joint pain

Each capsule contains: Lecithin 1250 mg

Recommended daily intake: 1 – 2 capsules per day

Package: bottle containing 40 capsules

Approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia:
Classification: UP/I 541-02/06-01/125
Reg. No.: 534-08-01/8-06-2
Date of approval: 25 May 2006

Barcode: 3859891334209