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A quartet of artichoke, dandelion, mint and chamomile!
A quartet of artichoke, dandelion, mint and chamomile! This is an ideal combination of artichoke, dandelion, mint and chamomile that has a favourable effect on the stomach, liver, other secretory organs and gall. This is the secret of Gastroval’s efficiency! It is rich in bitter substances (cynaropicrin, sesquiterpene lactones), aromatic carboxylic acid (cynarin), flavonoids (luteolin), vitamin A and vitamin C.

Gastroval contains the artichoke extract obtained from ridged leaf tops with the highest concentration of active substances - flavonoids, cynarin, luteolin, scolimoside, cynaroside.
Activity: Gastroval helps in fat digestion, improves the activity of the liver and gall bladder, stimulates urination and removes uric acid from blood, helps in treatment of jaundice, congestion and cirrhosis of the liver. It also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant effects.

It is recommended for:
- nausea, stomach ache (abdominal pain), flatulence
- spleen, liver and gall bladder diseases
- gout, rheumatism, kidney sand
- detoxication
- neuralgia, insomnia, anxiety
- irregular menstrual periods
- improvement of bowel movement and easing flatulence

One capsule contains: artichoke 200 mg, dandelion 200 mg, mint 70 mg, chamomile 50 mg

Recommended daily intake: 3 x 1 capsules a day, with a meal.

Packaging: a bottle with 60 capsules

Approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia:
Class: UP/I 541-02/06-01/62
Rec. No.: 534-08-01/9-06-2
Date of approval: 09.05.2006.

Bar code: 3859891334162


Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) has a beneficial effect on the liver and helps in curing cirrhosis. It protects the liver from infections and toxins and stimulates the renewal of cells. Antioxidants contained in artichoke - cynarin, flavonoids and luteolin – prevent damage to liver cells, which has been confirmed by contemporary research studies. French researchers have found out that the healing effect of the extract of artichoke, apart from the liver function, also stimulates the activity of kidneys and the gall flow. Intensive research studies show that it has beneficial effects on jaundice and the gall bladder and that it also helps in case of kidney sand, gout and rheumatism. The importance of the extract of artichoke in case of bad digestion is increasing, especially in consummation of foods that are hard to digest and accompanied with stomach pressure and flatulence.


(Taraxacum officinale) is well-known in traditional medicine for its beneficial effect on the liver, gall and kidneys. „Dandelion root is the foodstuff number one for recovery of the liver", the pharmacologist Dr. Daniel Mowrey wrote. Dandelion flowers are rich in lecithin, whose beneficial effect on different liver diseases has been proved.


Mint (Mentha piperita) is a perennial plant, up to 80 cm high, with branched stems and serrated leaves. Mint essential oil helps in case of stomach troubles (flatulence and diarrhoea), diseases of the respiratory tract (mouth, throat; cough), gall diseases, liver diseases, nervousness, bowel diseases. It also soothes rashes. It increases the formation of gastric juice, helps in case of gastritis and soothes stomach cramps.


Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) is widespread in almost entire Europe and Asia. Research studies conducted so far indicate long-term positive anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic properties because active substances from chamomile are retained in the body for more than a week.

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Unhealthy diet and lifestyle, stress and other factors are all common causes of various digestive disorders affecting men and women of all ages. Incomplete digestion of food (oily or greasy food in particular) is manifested by a feeling of fullness or discomfort in the abdomen, accompanied by pain or cramps, heartburn, nausea, or large amounts of air in the intestines. These ailments have historically been treated with a variety of herbal preparations or products. Recent studies on individual plants have favorably addressed their effectiveness in reducing and eliminating common digestive problems.

Valentina Gambiroža, BS, nutritionist