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Plantain Syrup with Sorbitol

How to relieve cough and soothe throat and oral cavity infections?
Ribwort plaintain is often found on our lawns and meadows. Its healing properties are great, and it has antibiotic and antiinflammatory action. Official medicine recommends it for conditions such as respiratory catarrh, expectoration and soothing of throat and oral cavity infections. It is particularly recommended for use in children.

Marshmallow enhances the immune system and treats cough – no wonder that in the olden days Charlemagne ordered it to be grown on all of his estates.
And when ribwort plaintain, marshmallow and Vitamin C are put together, a perfect formulation for treatment of cough problems is obtained.

Ribwort plaintain – sugarfree, with Vitamin C

Helps alleviate cough.
Action: Ribwort plaintain leaf extract contains a high degree of mucus, which alleviates cough by coating the mucous membrane of the throat and pharynx, forming a protective layer. Marshmallow flower extract is also rich in mucus, which soothes violent and exhaustive dry cough.

Recommended for:
- dry cough
- respiratory difficulties caused by dry cough
- chronic bronchitis

Composition of 5 ml (tea spoon): Ribwort Plaintain Leaf Aqueous Extract 1.85 g, Marshmallow Flower Aqueous Extract 1.85 g, Vitamin C 0.06 g, Sorbitol

Recommended daily intake:
Children 2 – 7 years: 3 x 1 tea spoon (5 ml) per day
Children 7 – 14 years: 3 x 1 – 2 tea spoons (5 – 10 ml) per day
Adults and children over 14 years: 3 x 1 tea spoon (15 ml) per day

Package: 200 ml of syrup in a glass bottle, in a box

Approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia:
Classification: UP/I 541-02/07-01/518
Reg. No.: 534-08-01-2/2-08-4
Date of approval: 03.01.2008.

Barcode: 3859891334315