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Sharpen your mind!
Memory, attention span, efficient problem solving, creativity and eloquence are becoming more and more necessary regardless of age. Students, businesspersons with intellectually challenging jobs, managers, people working in creative jobs etc., are finding themselves in front of ever more demanding intellectual assignments.

Is there a means of help for these intellectual challenges?

Memoseng is an innovative and natural product which confirmedly stimulates a broad range of cognitive abilities and performances. It is extremely efficient (with visible results in two to three hours) and it provides an extraordinary boost in situations such as:

  • Reduced concentration
  • Difficulty in focusing and poor attention
  • Difficulty in memorizing and slower learning ability caused by everyday stress or age

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Memoseng's special formulation primarily boosts working memory (or short-term memory), and attention span, which also has a beneficial effect on secondary memory functions (long-term memory). Moreover, it has a calming effect which helps reduce stage fright and nervousness.

Memoseng is an innovative, natural and patented product (containing CereboostTM /see www.cereboost.com/, trademark of Naturex, France) made from a special composition of American ginseng extracts (Panax quinquefolius).


The pharmacological action of American ginseng is attributed mostly to ginsenosides (triterpene tetracyclic saponins). American ginseng contains more Rb1, Re and Rd, while Asian ginseng contains more Rg1, Rb2 and Rc. Their different compositions influence their actions as well. The active ingredients of Memoseng (American ginseng) increase brain concentrations of serotonine and choline, have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system and stimulate acetylcholine release. The efficacy of Memoseng (which contains CereboostTM, see www.cereboost.com) has been proven in various clinical studies.

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Recommended for:

  • Students
  • Persons with intellectually challenging jobs
  • Persons with poor concentration and attention
  • Elderly persons with age-related memory loss


Recommended daily intake:

1 capsule a day


30 capsules 

Identification number:

MZ 0814321010



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