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A universal royal medicine that deserves its place in every home!
Yellow evening primrose is known to have been used by the American Indians. In the 17th century it reached England, where it was referred to as the “universal royal medicine”. Evening primrose oil consists of essential fatty acids which the organism is unable to produce by itself. Aside from its many beneficial actions – it protects the heart, lowers blood pressure and is effective against obesity – it has recently been discovered that it is very efficient in preventing the unpleasant symptoms of PMS. Do you know why this plant is also called “La belle de nuit” (Oenothera biennis)? BR>
Evening Primrose Oil + Vitamin E is a natural source of two important unsaturated fatty acids: the alpha-linoleic and gamma-linoleic acids. Combined with Vitamin E, it produces an excellent antioxidant formula.
Action: Evening primrose oil suppresses unpleasant PMS symptoms. Furthermore, essential fatty acids with Vitamin E are an effective antioxidant which neutralizes harmful free radicals and impedes their formation. It also alleviates depression and helps with symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Evening primrose oil is one of the most versatile food supplements which deserves to have a place in every home.

Recommended for:
- PMS – painful breasts, nervousness, depression
- alcoholism, helps with withdrawal symptoms
- eczema and other dermatological changes
- heart disease, brain hemorrhage, high blood pressure, obesity
- boosting the immune system
- sustaining the functions of the nervous and the muscular system
- slowing the aging process

Each capsule contains: Evening Primrose Oil 495 mg, Vitamin E 5 mg

Recommended daily intake:2 x 1 capsule per day

Package: bottle containing 90 capsules

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